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A range of affordable handmade health and beauty products made with all natural ingredients.

Meet Chelle

My name is Michelle (most know me as Chelle), I’m married (8 years), have a 1 year old daughter, a Labrador dog and that’s our family complete!

I work for the QLD Govt where I work on elearning training packages, I teach dance fitness (9+ years now) Zumba and konga classes (4 a week).

I’m also the author of a cookbook (Eat Well – its not as hard as you think) and nutritionist.

Where it all started...

I created OUCHeze cream a few years ago (formally known as OUCH cream) because I tried to use magnesium oil on my skin for sore muscles and it stung – everytime it hurt my skin to apply but I wanted to keep applying it because at the time I was also doing obstacle races, bootcamp and 2 extra classes a week. I wanted to investigate a way to get the magnesium into my skin without the sting. I looked at come other products available but they were so expensive. So I started to research and wanted to try to make a body butter that had magnesium in it that was affordable and worked.

After months of experiments, trials, research and more trials to get the right recipe with the right essential oils, the right amount of magnesium and the right consistency – OUCH cream was created!

I was selling at local Markets (Wellwood Health) and through my dance fitness classes and online. Once I got pregnant, life got even crazier and some things had to be put on hold for a while. So unfortunately OUCH cream was on hold – I still made small batches and sold it to those that asked me – but I wasn’t promoting it or selling at markets.

A lot has happened, life got busy BUT this great product is BACK with a new look and new name! Handmade Natural Products is the Brand (HNP) – OUCHeze is the name! OUCHeze, body butters, massage bars, lip balms and more – all natural products and all coming back.

Explore our range of natural products

Why try Handmade Natural Products?

Your body absorbs what you put on your skin, that is why it’s so important to find all natural alternatives to everyday health and beauty products that may be made with harsh chemicals.

Handmade Natural Products are made with a variety of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter,  shea butter, beeswax, Magnesium and pure essential oils.

Choose to go natural with your heath and skincare and your body will love you for it!

Behind the scenes

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What our customers say...

Check out what our customers say about our Handmade Natural Products.

Love the lotion bars, they make you skin feel so soft and moisturised. Great smell also!

Chris Maree


I swear by Oucheze! I always have a restful sleep after applying some on the bottom of my feet at bed time. Great product.


Easy to apply, non greasy, works instantly


I love that it's easy to apply, has a pleasant smell and it's ALL natural ... no nasty chemicals


Love this product it works so well.

Trina Atley

I injured my knee a few years ago and every so often it will get a pain in it if i move my leg the wrong way and that's when I rub my OUCHeze into it and it takes the pain away within 15 minutes....it is also awesome for sore or pulled muscles.....rub into your aching muscles before you go to bed and let OUCHeze work it's magic while you sleep. Highly recommended

Jan Lia

Brought this a few times & gifted to friends and relatives. It works! Helps all aches & pains. It smells pleasant and is great on the skin (great moisturising effect) . Everyone I brought for or I have used it on loves it.

Natasha Woods

It's great stuff!!! Works amazing!!! Eases the lower back pain in no time!!! Natural, smells amazing, and moisturises at the same time!!! Can't go wrong.


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