Pink Moscato Shower Fizzies


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It’s never too early for some pink moscato, is it? Why not treat yourself and have some in your shower with shower fizzies!!!
Yes, your reading correct – these shower fizzies are Pink Moscato and they smell Devine!

$10 for 150g bag (approx 8 fizzies)

What is a shower fizzie?

A Shower Fizzie is about to be your new best friend. Like the trendy bath bomb before it, a Shower Fizzie is a little tablet that dissolves in water and lets out a soothing blend of aromatic scents and essential oils in the process.

To use:

To use a Shower Fizzie, moisten under the running shower water to activate. Then place the shower fizz on the floor of the shower towards the corner or just out of the direct spray of the water. The Shower Fizzie should be getting lightly sprinkled by the running water. As it begins to fizz the pure essential oils are released into the steam and the shower is filled with the aromatherapy scents of the Shower Fizzie. To adjust the strength of the scent you can move the fizzie closer or further from the direct stream of water.

Be sure to keep your fizzie in a sealed container bag away from moisture and humidity.

CAUTION – this is not a bath bomb. These contain high concentrations of essential oils that are not meant for direct bathing. Do not use in the bath. Be careful using because it could make your shower floor slippery.


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